Cuban Love | Eugene + Maria

When your friends invite you on a Cuban trip with them, you not only leave everything and go, you also do photoshoots there for each other, you set up a tripod to take group photos, you share crazy stories at night on the beach, you sleep 6 hours every day and feel rested, you spend as much time on the beach as possible, and all that without getting drunk once. Thank you, friends!

I was hoping for a bright HDR-like sunset. Because of the overcast, we didn’t really get that. But that made the photos so soft and bright we couldn’t have asked for more. Same with our models — we wouldn’t find more natural, real, expressive and completely in love couple even if we tried. “We’ve never had a real photoshoot”, – they admitted at the beginning. If I didn’t know them, I would have thought they lied. Their body movements, facial expressions and their contact with each other was beyond imaginable. We hope our photos do the justice:

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