Toronto Wedding Chapel, Alexander Muir Gardens and Humber Bay Bridge | Lena + Dima

Pandemic weddings are definitely special. They prove that love wins no matter what. πŸ’•

We got together in a small wedding chapel in midtown Toronto and witnessedour friends getting married (quite literally – we ended up being their official witnesses!)

We then spent the day taking photos of their loved ones from different parts of the world who travelled to Canada for their wedding despite the pandemic.

After a beautiful shoot in Alexender Muir Gardens, we moved to a gorgeous location in Etobicoke – Humber Bay bridge. Everyone around us was congratulating the happy couple and wishing them well. That’s when the spirit of the day really sunk in and Lena and Dima could finally relax and just be together. I think that’s when we got our best shots too!

I’m so happy that we were a part of this beautiful intimate celebration and I’m excited to share my favourites from this beautiful steamy summer day. We will forever remember it as the day when close friends and family all came together in the name of love.

Congratulations, Lena and Dima! You’ll definitely have stories to tell!

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