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Hapy, the creator of this beautiful loungewear, invited me to take some lifestyle photos of her latest collection. She wanted to showcase her pieces not just as pyjamas, but also as comfortable and stylish clothing that you can wear anywhere. Of course, this shoot turned into a slumber party/fall fun with the dogs. We drank […]

Many guys are forced to take photos by their families and partners only for special occasions. We’re so glad that Arsalan decided to have a photoshoot just because! We walked around downtown Burlington on the last warm day of the year. Here’s what came out of it.  

I need to thank Hailey (fitness guru from my previous AND upcoming shoots) for introducing me to Munira and Elias – energetic, cheerful and highly social real estate professionals who needed not only new headshots, but also new content for their brand. Despite the weather being not what we expected from a spring photoshoot, we […]