How to relax and be yourself during a shoot?

We’ll get right to it: the last thing we ever want is for you to be scared/intimidated/worried before, during or after the photoshoot with us. We are in it to have fun, and so should you! Gone are the days of mandatory school/graduation/first day of work pictures where you had to pretend you are happy.

We are true believers that photos exist to capture the moment in life. The mood. The look. The feeling. The event. Something you’ll look back at and smile. Something that will not only remind you what dress you wore on your wedding day, but also what your perfume smelled like; how the fabric of your husband’s tuxedo felt against your shoulders; expression on your mum’s face when she saw you for the first time that day.

So we make sure we do everything we can to help you enjoy the process. But what can you do?

The most common question that always comes up first: what should I wear? And we’re glad when you ask that! Because the answer is never: “The most extravagant, fashionable and expensive items you own”. Let’s get real here: we’re not shooting for the cover of Vogue. Wear clothes that you’ve worn before, that look and feel the most “you”. The outfit that highlights your best features and hides not your favourite parts of yourself (come on, we all have those!).

If you want to wear dress shoes/heels, make sure you bring flats/running shoes along. If our photoshoot is longer than 30 minutes, you might get tired, and knowing that you can change any time will definitely put your mind at ease.

Finally, makeup. This is very personal, but the message is the same: in order to feel comfortable, wear what’s comfortable. If you’re used to never leaving the house without the perfect eyeliner and cheekbones, knock yourself out! But if layers on top of layers of makeup tighten your face to a point that you cannot smile, skip it altogether!

Some other issues that often come up during the photoshoot are “How should I stand?”, “Where should I look?”, “Should I smile or not?”, etc. Basically, “What should I do?”. While these answers depend on the type of the shoot you want, the rule of thumb is once again: “#YDY or you do you“. The key is to stop worrying whether this pose looks good or not, whether your hair is flawless at this moment, and whether this angle is flattering. Remember: that’s our job! And if you trust us to do it, we’ll do it better. We’ll tell you when to turn and what to change if needed. But try your best to just be yourself. To showcase your personality though your facials expressions, your gestures and body language. Sit the way you normally sit, not the way Queen Elisabeth sits for a photo op. Smile your natural smile – whether it’s wide or closed. Play with your hair, roll your eyes, stretch your back, raise your eyebrows – whatever you want. This is your opportunity to just be you with no judgement. The little quirks you have are the cutest things about you. And they always turn out the best on photos.

If you’re still dreading the sound of a shutter, the best thing to do is talk to us. Chances are we’ve heard similar concerns before and can tell you how to avoid common mistakes. We’re always available at, and if you’d rather talk on the phone, drop us a line with your phone number, and we promise to call you back to fade all your worries away. Now if that doesn’t sound like a free phych session, I don’t know what does! 😉

If you’d like more tips on preparing for a photo shoot, download a FREE PDF here.

Hope to talk to you soon! ❤