Meet Your Photographers

“The photography passion started as a way of exploring my creative side. After trying painting, dancing and singing, photography was the thing that felt the best. Even the routine connected to the process excites me. My dad stood behind this hobby the entire time, sharing his Soviet lenses and composition tips with me. The only missing part was a partner who would inspire me to take this further.”

Maria Vasserman

“I was always fascinated by the work of professional photographers, their ability to create a masterpiece in any situation, using any equipment, being in the place where most people would never find anything special. What I love about photography the most is the technical side, when you know exactly how to take a photo just the way you want it and which settings to use all thanks to knowledge and experience. What I like especially, and ensure all my photographs have that, is the story. Those little details that most of us don’t see in everyday life because we are always busy, but in photography you make them noticeable and important.”

Serhii Kulish

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