MS Vision was created with a thought of people. Different people who share a need. A desire to make memories last.

While there is nothing easier than to snap a quick photo at any point during the day, moments that are worth holding on to deserve more. You deserve more.

There are a couple of things we believe in:

  • Beauty is in small things (just like our tagline suggests)
  • World is better than most see from the surface
  • Everyone is special

Now it is our job to make YOU believe in these simple truths.

How are we going to do that? By providing the absolute best photography experience you can possibly get in Toronto and GTA (Canada).

  1. Before the shoot, we will sit down to discuss your ideas and desires for free in any form you prefer – face-to-face, phone, Skype, etc.
  2. Together we will come up with the photo shoot scenario that suits YOU best.
  3. During the shoot, we will be as flexible as we can to make you feel extraordinary and look YOUR best.
  4. After the shoot, you will be able to choose the photos you want to purchase.

Now if that doesn’t sound convincing enough, go back to the gallery to let your imagination run wild and then reach out with your questions and ideas, we’re sure you have tons!


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